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Do you need something different ?

One of our customers wanted us to convert his black Hayabusa to orange with a 360 fat tire. We said "why not?" and started working on the project. Because our customer lives in Virgin Islands, all project was done by WhatsApp communication. We decided all the parts that we need to get together.


We started removing all the fairings to prepare for the paintjob. Fairings were painted by Dan Brown Paint Works in a week time. Dan did a great job.


After we got the fairings, we started mounting the side and tail fairings before installing on the bike. Fairings were ready for installation.

While we were removing the fairings, we started preparing the parts before sending for powder coating. All parts need to be disassembled in pieces and all rubbers, seals and bearings need to be separated from the part which will be powder coated. We marked all the surfaces which should not be painted. Swingarm, rear wheel, rearsets and passenger footpegs were ready for coating. The surfaces of the inserts which bearings will go in, and all parts surfaces which will be assembled together should be clean and there should not be any paint on them. Otherwise, that causes different alignment and mechanical problems. So we sanded all these sections before installation. 

We used Tricked Out Custom Cycles 360 fat tire kit which comes with swingarm, rear wheel, tire, chains, axle, spacers, brake caliper and bracket, brake line, Air Ride, remote control for Air Ride. We preferred to use Joe Florida 234 multi-color LED kit. We started organizing the parts need to be installed in order. We wanted to test Air Ride and remote controls outside the bike before installation to make sure everything works fine. Most of custom swingarms uses OEM bearings. So we had ordered new bearings from Suzuki but we had problems installing them. We contacted Tricked Out Custom Cycles, they already knew the problem and they sent us sleeves which goes on top of bearings so bearings can fit into the inserts perfectly. We had problems on brake caliper and bracket but we easily solved the problems customizing the parts. We did not like the stainless steel brake line which came with the kit, it was longer than the length we need and it was silver color. So we decided the brake line routing, measured the distance between the brake caliper and brake master cylinder, ordered black stainless brake lines with black fittings for perfect fitment. After installing the swingarm and rear wheel, first we installed the chain between the front sprocket and the inner sprocket on the shaft. Then we aligned the wheel and installed the second chain between the outer sprocket on the shaft and rear sprocket. After adjusting the chain tensions, we tightened chain adjustment bolts and axle bolt. We installed the Air Ride and tested the system. We found out the gap between the tail and the wheel was not enough so we used adjustable rear shock links to adjust the gap. We needed to modify the link and made it shorter by cutting the adjuster part. 

To eliminate fairings removal in the short term, we did all the maintenance. We changed the oil filter and used Motul 7100 10w40 full synthetic oil for best performance. We installed BMC Race air filter. We flushed clutch, front and rear brake fluids. We realized the front forks started leaking and we rebuilt the forks replacing fork seals. There was scratches on the stator cover, we replaced it with new one. We removed the OEM exhaust headers and installed Voodoo Full Mini Meg Shorty muffler. It has an amazing sound and this upgrade improved the throttle response a lot.