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Shark Racing Division


SHARK Helmets offers top-end helmets, worn by top-level riders who know there can be no compromise on safety at high speeds. These riders are involved in all the product development phases and enable us to constantly innovate. The Racing Division contains the RACE-R PRO and the RACE-R PRO CARBON Helmets ranges.

Shark Pulse Division


Performance and style. The SHARK Helmets Pulse Division is the Sport range of racing style helmets uses the technology created by our racing research and development department. The SHARK Helmets Pulse division is composed by the SPARTAN, the VANCORE, and the SKWAL.

Shark Discovery Division


Be ahead of your time. This range of SHARK Helmets provides optimal safety and comfort for long distance biking or cruising. SHARK Helmets’ Research and Innovation Division has delivered a truly practical and modular motorcycle helmet range. The SHARK Helmets Metro division is composed by the EVOLINE SERIES 3 and the EXPLORE-R motorcycle helmets.

Shark Metro Division


The SHARK Helmets Metro Division is the Lifestyle range that has a unique style and incorporates all of SHARK Helmets’ cutting-edge technology in it's materials and shapes. The SHARK Helmets Metro division is composed by the DRAK and the HERITAGE stylish and urban motorcycle helmets.